Creating Apparel to Change the World


Changing the world may feel like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t require much effort. Something as simple as a smile to a stranger could change the world.  That smile could change that stranger’s day, shift his/her perspective, or spark an idea that could impact many others. Movements have power in numbers. Imagine that everyone in the world did something every day to help another person in their community. You would help and receive help in that same day. Imagine what could get done! On a much smaller scale, a movement could create many things with impact using little effort.

What Pure Happiness aims to do, through the power of a movement of course, is create relationships with people who can help each other.  On a daily basis, we could change the world of many people, which in turn, would change the world of those we have not touched. In essence, a chain reaction would occur. Allow me to eliminate my vagueness.  Pure Happiness creates apparel.  Apparel is worn by everyone.  It also serves as communication.  Together with our partnered causes, we communicate to the world who we are, what we are doing, and how it can be done.  Those who purchase our clothing support the causes through profit sharing which then benefits the people being assisted by those causes. Our supporters are left with a great quality product they can enjoy.  We can call this a win-win-win-win situation.

Simultaneously, we are doing the environment good as well.  The decisions we make as a company have great responsibility. To be part of the solution rather than the problem is what we aim to do. With this thinking, we have decided to use materials used from sustainable sources that do not require any chemicals to grow.  There are pros and cons just like everything we do, but ultimately, these sources are a part of the solution to our current environmental situation. To learn more about the importance of using natural fibers, check out this page.

We at Pure Happiness, are making the best decisions we can using the best resources available to us at this time within financial reason.  There is always room for improvement and we aim to continuously improve as we grow.  It’s our responsibility to do so.

by Ben

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